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Ultrasonic whistling

The claim is almost certainly false. The normal range of human whistling is from 2-4 KHz. For someone to whistle in the ultrasonic range would require him to reduce the space between tongue and ...
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Ultrasonic whistling

You can find everything beautifully explained in this website on brass instruments: A short version is that for ultrasonic (>20 kHz) vibrations ...
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Is natural frequency a local or global property?

In this answer, I'll first focus on non-damped systems, and later introduce damping with the modal damping assumption, common in structural mechanics. In this answer, let's assume: we're dealing with ...
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Should natural frequency be modeled using molecules?

Normally, when we talk about molecules in a solid vibrating, we mean that the vibrating molecule is moving back and forth with respect to the lattice/its surrounding molecules. The amplitude of this ...
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