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Why does the pet's water bowl overflow?

The two horizontal sloshing modes could have slightly different frequencies (e.g. if the rotational symmetry is not perfect). If you then start with the combination of both, but out of phase, which is ...
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Why does the pet's water bowl overflow?

If the mat is thick and soft enough to be compliant, then it will couple with the moving mass of the dish and water and allow the dish to tip back and forth, causing the spillage. This can be directly ...
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Why does the pet's water bowl overflow?

A guess. Perhaps there are multiple modes present. It takes a while for the to have an interference maximum at the edge of the bowl.
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Do lasers with optical isolator or synchrotron radiation sources allow for Rabi cycles?

I believe that OP's question stems from a misconception that when Rabi flopping is driven, the energy is transferred between the two-level system and the source of the radiation. This is not true ...
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Do lasers with optical isolator or synchrotron radiation sources allow for Rabi cycles?

The optical isolator does not affect the laser. It keeps back reflections from re-entering the laser. This is not to say that the light in the laser medium is all moving unidirectionally, or that this ...
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Is there a relation between phase plane and complex plane?

Given a configuration space $M$, the phase space $T^*M$ is a cotangent bundle on $M$. Any cotangent bundle has a canonical symplectic structure, and any symplectic manifold with a Riemann metric has a ...
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If I have a simple pendulum performing oscillations, whose string is snapped when it is at an extreme position, what will happen?

At the extreme position (max height), the mass on the end is momentarily at rest. If the string breaks at that moment, you just have a mass in the air acted on only by gravity. It will drop straight ...
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External force in the Navier-Stokes momentum equation

Although the question is old, the answer may still be useful to someone else. In my opinion, the pressure imposed by the piston should be included in the equation, not as boundary conditions, rather ...
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"Friction at a contact point", rubber-band experiment

Yes, there will be some heat produced as a result of friction between the rubber band and the board, and also some heat produced as a result of internal friction within the rubber band itself, as it ...
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Would a nearby electron be attracted/repulsed due to the oscillating $\vec E$ and $\vec B$ field of a passing electromagnetic wave?

Suppose $$\vec E (x, t) = \begin{bmatrix}0 \\ E_{max} \cos (kx-\omega t) \\ 0 \end{bmatrix} $$ $$\vec B(x, t) = \begin{bmatrix}0 \\ 0 \\ B_{max} \cos (kx-\omega t) \end{bmatrix} $$ a moving electron ...
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Spherical pendulum newtonian

If you have no initial velocity perpendicular to the plane of your picture you will not have motion in phi direction, only just a normal pendulum, so you have to give it a push in phi direction at the ...
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