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Finiteness of the Kac table for minimal model

For generic central charge there exists a so-called generalized minimal model, which has fields with dimensions $h_{r,s}$ for any $r,s\in \mathbb{N}^*$. In a minimal model, the central charge is such ...
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How does path integral quantization ensure unitarity?

Well, a sufficient condition is that if you can Legendre transform the Lagrangian to get a Hermitian Hamiltonian, you're unitary. But in general it's a bit complicated, and not totally obvious. This ...
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Is it possible for a unitary transformation to align 2 spatially distinct wave packages into 1?

To track down the emergence of the described contradiction, I tried to imagine the time development of a wave a package in a Mach-Zehnder-interferrometer. I will in this case focus on the action of ...
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