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Solution to infinite particle creation in EM by classical sources

The previous example gave a short and quantitative answer. I'll try to be more qualitative. Perhaps the most famous example of this is the Schwinger effect. I'll give a brief overview of the physical ...
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Quantum fields can leak out of the light cone?

The posts linked in the comments give a good explanation of why the microcausality condition $[\phi(x),\phi^\dagger(y)]=0$ for spacelike $x-y$ is sufficient to make sure that only causal signals can ...
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The Klein-Gordon Propagator According to Peskin and Schroeder (Derivation of *Retarded* Green's Function)

There are several ways ways to do the calculation, with the Residue Theorem. Either you foresee that this is an instance of this theorem, or you know the solution and do reverse reasoning to find back ...
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