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Given the same cross-sectional area, is fluid velocity constant?

Assuming Ideal situation (where there is no friction in pipe, laminar flow, incompressible fluid etc.), you are right that if area of pipe is uniform then the velocity will not change. But this only ...
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Bernoulli principle (classic form) in irrotational viscous flow (a paradox?)

If we take the dot product of the Euler equation and the velocity vector, we obtain the Bernoulli equation only if the vorticity is zero.
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Bernoulli principle (classic form) in irrotational viscous flow (a paradox?)

Your question was a classical question I was used to ask at Fluid Mechanics course exams, BSc of Aerospace Engineering, since it gave me the chance to test the student on the whole dynamics of ...
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Conflicts between Bernoulli's Equation and Momentum Conservation?

Momentum equation is force relation for same area 1D situation. For compressible flow, $v^2/2$ is used in the energy balance relations. The key point is that this equation is never used for actual ...
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Explaining lift on a wing via forces

Simply put, it is because when the wing moves forward, a low-pressure area is formed at the top of the wing. Due to this low-pressure area, the air at the top of the wing is pushed down by distant ...
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