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Why do aneroid barometers have error with temperature?

The altimeter works by measuring the deformation of the metal aneroid wafers. This deformation is temperature dependent since the wafer expands and contracts with temperature so the instrument must be ...
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Helium balloons losing buoyancy in cold environment

Your math seems valid to me. Assuming ideal gas equations I would just write for the force on the balloon neglecting the weight of the non gas components: $F_up = g \cdot V \cdot \rho_{air} - g \cdot ...
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Ideal Gas law and Universal gravitational constant

There is no direct link between the Boltzmann constant $k$ (from which the gas constant $R$ is derived) and the gravitational constant $G$ such that causing one to have a different value would ...
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Has any work been done to describe the transient behaviour of a non-uniform ideal gas in an adiabatic process?

Free expansion does not occur instantaneously, and that assumption is not needed to find the final equilibrium state using classical thermodynamics. For determining what takes place during an ...
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Force and massa unit

It doesn’t matter. It is a bit sloppy, but it is understandable. Here on earth the weight of $1 \mathrm{\ lb}$ is $1 \mathrm{\ lb_f}$. So yes, if they wanted to be perfectly clear about it then they ...
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