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Smallest Wavelength of light possible? [duplicate]

I was thinking about blue-shifting of light and I couldn't help my self but think about the limits of blue shifting mechanism and since we know energy of a photon is directly proportional to the ...
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Are gamma rays the limit of the frequency photons can attain, and if yes, why? [duplicate]

Recalling that the Planck constant is $6.62607015 \times 10^{-34} m^2kg/s$ and taking into account the formula $E=hf$, for the energy of photons, we can rapidly derive the energy of gamma rays, which ...
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Is the electromagnetic spectrum bounded somehow? [duplicate]

Is there a maximum frequency that an electromagnetic wave can support?
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What is the maximum possible frequency and wavelength? [duplicate]

As a start I assumed Planck angular frequency which is the reciprocal of Planck time as the frequency upper limit, but not so sure. On the other hand, is there a lower limit? Can we consider the ...
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What is minimum possible wavelength of electromagnetic waves? [duplicate]

Is it limited? Is the maximum possible wavelength limited?
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What is the smallest possible wavelength? [duplicate]

I was thinking about this the other day after a quantum mechanics lecture (unrelated to the lecture I was taking) and pondered "Is there a minimum wavelength for a photon?", through ...
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Maximum wavelength of a photon/electromagnetic radiation?

This asked: What is the minimum wavelength of electromagnetic radiation? And also this: What is the maximum possible frequency and wavelength? The second question is contradictory; maximum ...
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Is there a limit to how hot an object can get?

If heat is the measure of how fast the atoms are moving in an object, than isn't there a limit to how hot that object can get as nothing can go as faster than the speed of light. So because the atoms ...
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Can light have zero wavelength?

As you increase the energy of a photon it's wavelength shortens. Is it theoretically posible for light to not have a wavelength? Like a still pond?
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Ultimate Planck Frequency [closed]

Is there an upper limit to the Planck Frequency? Does it simply depend upon the inverse of the Planck Time unit?
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Knowing more about electromagnetic waves

we have discovered from radio waves to gamma rays but there may possibilities of existence of other electromagnetic waves beyond this range which we haven't discovered it, may be the reason that our ...
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