I am looking for good references for decoherence theory.

I mainly worked with "Decoherence, einselection, and the quantum origins of the classical" from Zurek, but some parts are a little bit confusing in his explanations.

I found this video https://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/videos/decoherence-entanglement-and-foundation-quantum-mechanics which looks great.

I am looking for more well explained collection of videos or really pedagogical articles/books.

What can you advise me ?


Zurek has a more public-oriented intro/overview, if you are into the popular picture pond,

There is also a popular go-to book by Schlosshauer,

To get serious, you might try technical reviews,

and, finally, papers like

It's a cottage industry. The essence is in the useful math tricks, not the poetic "picture" stuff.

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