I currently hold a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Minor in Physics. As far as that goes, I've taken courses in the basic things (University Physics 1 and 2), Thermodynamics, Circuitry and Modern Optics. I also read about various topics online in my spare time. I'm also planning on going for a Masters in Computer Engineering at NYU Poly.

My question is what are some possible Physics related career paths for someone with my background? I just graduated this passed May, so I'm fresh out of the academic world. Are there places in National Labs for people like myself? I live probably no more than an hour or so from the Brookhaven National Lab on Long Island and would like to somehow get involved there. Is such a thing even feasible?


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Yes - there are places. Most large accelerator complexes like Brookhaven, SLAC, ORNL, etc, have groups dedicated to development of software for accelerator controls and/or data analysis. You can find the relevant job descriptions at the different lab websites and see where you might be a good fit.


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