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Deterministic quantum mechanics
-4 votes

One place to look is the homepage of Antony Valentini now at Clemson University. He claims that Born's probability rule is only an approximation. David Bohm first made this claim. One can show that ...

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Would there be time dilation at the point where two gravitational fields cancel each other out?
-2 votes

A good place to look is Wikipedia. According to that article, if we suppose that this metric field is stationary then the gravity redshift is $$1 + z = \biggl[\frac{g_{tt}(\text{receiver})}{g_{tt}(\...

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Freefall in/out of an enclosed environment
0 votes

I agree with the others. Your question is somewhat ill-posed. Short answer, there is no difference of the type you posed. You have made a difference that makes no difference. Free fall or "free float" ...

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Could gravity hold electron charge together?
-1 votes

Yes, it can. Here is a toy model using Newtonian gravity. V/c^2 = e^2/mc^2r - /\r^2 e^2/mc^2 = rc (classical electron radius) with SSS metric g00 = 1 + 2V/c^2 = - 1/grr g/c^2 = -dV/dr = + rs/r + ...

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How long would it take to travel through a wormhole?
1 votes

Kip Thorne, Matt Visser and others have modeled traversable wormholes requiring exotic matter. Dark energy is a form of exotic matter if it could be harnessed and amplified. What that would do to the ...

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