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64 votes

Why are leap seconds needed so often?

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How can a battery charge up another battery to a higher percentage?

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Speed of light vs speed of electricity

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If we repeatedly divide a solid in half, at what point does it stop being a solid?

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What causes electrical boxes to hum?

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Can you make a laser without cavity, if you have a pump strong enough? I think no, but is my reasoning correct?

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Does aluminum in between stop induction cooktop from warming iron?

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Is speed of sound same for all inertial frames?

1 vote

How do computers store sound waves just by sampling the amplitude of a wave and not the frequency?

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Is throwing dice a stochastic or a deterministic process?

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What's the best (practical!) shape to maximize the rate of heat transfer?

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Why would black hole rip me apart?

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Can electric field pass through a charge particle so that the charge particle behind the one can get energy?