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0 votes

Why isn't the penetrating depth of electromagnetic radiation consistent with its frequency?

32 votes

What does the sky look like from the moon?

2 votes

Could a civilisation use “inverse time dilation” to live longer?

7 votes

Wouldn't Miller's planet be fried by blueshifted radiation?

7 votes

What frequency of cord shaking maintains the same vertical motion for a point on the cord after increasing the wave speed on the cord?

2 votes

Why do franks (hot dogs) get wavy shaped when boiled?

5 votes

Mass of All the Neutrinos

17 votes

According to general relativity planets and Sun bend the spacetime (explaining gravity), but does this hold true for smaller objects?

-1 votes

What speed shall I go to make my day longer?

8 votes

Does a gun exert enough gravity on the bullet it fired to stop it?