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174 votes

Why do fans spin backwards slightly after they (should) stop?

166 votes

Why do spaceships heat up when entering earth but not when exiting?

142 votes

Why does a sticker slowly peel off, but if it is pulled quickly it tears?

132 votes

Why bother buying efficient lights if you are already heating your house?

109 votes

Why doesn't the road lose its thickness to the tyre?

104 votes

Why do rain drops fall with a constant velocity?

76 votes

Why does the humidifier make a stove's flame orange?

75 votes

Why can we distinguish different pitches in a chord but not different hues of light?

69 votes

Why do fusion and fission both release energy?

62 votes

What is meant by "gravity waves we see at sea surface"?

58 votes

Do bubbles get created when you move something in water?

57 votes

Emissitivity of copper - Why are copper heatsinks all shiny?

55 votes

Are the physical structures in our sun of comparable complexity to those in the human brain?

53 votes

Why does pressure in a thermos increase after shaking up hot water and soap?

52 votes

How can Planck's constant take different values?

51 votes

Why does the vapour bubble in an inkjet printhead collapse so fast?

50 votes

Is sound a classical mechanic phenomenon or is it a quantum effect?

47 votes

Vacuum collapse -- why do strong metals implode but glass doesn't?

46 votes

What explanations are there for a rug steadily creeping at about a millimeter/day rate across a room?

46 votes

Why are steel thermal mugs much better than plastic ones?

45 votes

How is it possible there are UV photos while our eyes cannot detect UV waves?

45 votes

Could one perform a test to determine whether water was warmed by a microwave rather than over a flame?

44 votes

Why do we use capacitors and not batteries in defibrillator?

43 votes

How do computers store sound waves just by sampling the amplitude of a wave and not the frequency?

43 votes

Why light can't escape a black hole but can escape a star with same mass?

40 votes

How can electric fields be used to detect cracks in metals?

37 votes

Why does water falling slowly from a tap bend inwards?

35 votes

Is every open circuit a capacitor?

35 votes

What impact does air have on our weight?

35 votes

Why doesn't the windshield fog up where my kid drew on it with her fingers?

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