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Confusion with certain aspects of the Equivalence Principle
6 votes

I think your question has a deep connection with Riemann Normal Coordinates. The basic idea behind Riemann normal coordinates is to use the geodesics through a given point to define the coordinates ...

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Can electric field pass through a charge particle so that the charge particle behind the one can get energy?
4 votes

I guess you are misunderstanding the concept of the electric field, let me help you. The electric field is not like a fluid that collide with obstacles and change its propagation after it. Any field (...

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Illustration of gravity as an accelerated motion
2 votes

Yes, you said it. The accelerated observer knows that he/she is in presence of gravity or, at least, moving with some acceleration. Furthermore, another important point to take into account is that ...

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Adiabatic approximation
0 votes

I think that if you express the wavefunction as an infinite series of some coefficients $c_n(t)$, your question is easier to answer. I made some notes on the adiabatic theorem that I will attach here ...

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How can we calculate formula for effective coupling constant in spin independent direct detection of dark matter?
-1 votes

The coupling constant in theoretical dark matter approaches is, to the best of my knowledge, a free parameter of the system as well as the mass of the particle. What is usually done by the ...

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