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Phil Freihofner
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Composer, Oboist, Database Programmer

My main programming passion is with Java, a language I greatly admire, with an emphasis on games and audio. I've also dabbling with texture generation via Simplex noise but mostly leave the high-powered graphics coding to others.

I have two github repositories:

  • AudioCue: an enhanced version of java's Clip, allowing for concurrent playback and real time control of volume, pan, and speed-of-playback. The tool implements Listeners and can be used with a virtual audio mixer to funnel all cue playback into a single output line.
  • Sivi: a tool for visualizing 2D gradient noise, currently implementing Simplex and OpenSimplex. It is possible to see directly the effect of mixing channels of noise and to have the noise modulate a few simple canned gradients. The settings can be used to write your own procedural noise generation, or, the tool can export jpg, gif, png, and can also make and export z-axis animated gifs.

I also have some sample programs linked at, a portfolio site.

As far a professional coding, my main experience is with VBA and Microsoft Access, which I have been doing for umpteen years. I'm currently working through courses on Hibernate and HTML/CSS, Android and JavaFX.

My first game programming was with FORTH, in the early 1980's, for a company called Unison World, Inc. at the time (later Kyocera Unison, but I had left and gone back for my music degree at UC Berkeley by the time that happened). My first introduction to computer science came from my father, Anton Freihofner II, who worked for IBM and was the main coder for the 1960's iteration of the Mormon Genealogy database.

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