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Fabian Röling


I'll update all gamingSE answers with ≥2 score to major MC updates (1.x.0).

My best posts

Thinking outside the b(l)ox
Crash your game for time travel!
Death loop:
Boom! You're awake!
Do you exist?
Hidden messages:
Abusing gamerules for logging:
Of cake and integrals: (2nd answer better)
Execute them!
Grouping NBT tags:
Number of items, not item entities:
Convert score to hearts:
Backwards filter:

I put in the effort, so you don't have to
Kill all the mobs!
Break all the blocks!
Rotate in all the directions!

Being thorough
A warning about 1.13+: (especially comments)
Most unlikely snowman:
When water isn't water:
What counts as a kill?
How many crafting recipes can exist?
Pushable comparator output:
Who shot what?
Keeping a furnace busy:

Research & documentation
/data modify:
Default types in NBT:
Using NBT in JSON:
hoverEvent with show_item:
Should you build mob farms high or low?
Lighting in Minecraft:
How fast can you shoot an arrow?
Creative flight acceleration:
Pickaxe-resistant blocks:
Silence! I ki-…
Lightning in closed rooms:

Programming & redstone
Swap wires vertically in tight space: (multiple answers)
How to detect rectangles:
Shoot TNT out of your face!
Shoot arrows out of your face… in multiplayer!
Modded Minecraft item sorter:
Teleport to arbitrary coordinates with /trigger:
Signal halver:
XP halver:
Cycling through 4 different outputs:
Veinminer concept:

Programmatically upload files to Telegram:
Programmatically move items in Minecraft chests:

Far future CMB:
CP violation:
Random maximum:
TinyTask for Linux:
Video editor for Linux:
Programmatically create Takeouts:
Custom Notepad++ menu:
Elegantly combine lists:
Watched and ignored tags:
Tag edits and question edits:
Hold back mails if question in review:

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