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I am Samim Ul Islam. I am studying B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). I am extremely passionate about turning my ideas into Research & Applying it. I am enthusiastic about Mathematics & Physics Ideas & its innovation .Hope to become a Theoretical & Mathematical Physicist in the near future by glance of the almighty Allah.

To understand Mathematics is more important than to do Mathematics

“Mathematics is an independent world created out of pure intelligence.”— William Woods Worth

"Physics doesn't tell you some abstract truth about why the universe is the way it is? Physics gives you models to understand how things work & predict what will happen next & what we will be aiming to do is develop models that gives us an intuition for the phenomena & allows us to make prediction" _ Alan Adam(Professor in Physics, MIT)

“Physics is not a descriptive science in which you just observe nature and make a catalogue of the facts. The goal is to understand the logic behind the facts and discover nature's inner workings,” _ Giudice.

I care about Science and its new inventions & discoveries and curious about history of science just for the fun of it. I always like to talk to people and meet new people.

My interest lies with

Mathematics(Calculus,Variational Calculus,Vector Calculus,Differential Equations,Differential Geometry, Real Analysis,Complex Analysis,Vector Analysis,Harmonic Analysis, Number Theory, Fourier series and Fourier Analysis, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing)

Applied Mathematics(Tensor Calculus, Bessel , Legender , Hermite & Laguirre Polynomials,Sturm Liouville Theorem & Problems, Hypergeometric functions,Mathematical Modelling,Dynamic System Design,Complex Dynamics,Differential Topology,Riemannian Geometry,Riemannian Manifold,Elliptic & Hyperbolic Geometry)

Mathematical Physics(General Relativity, Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics,Classical Electrodynamics,Quantum Field Theory,Fluid Mechanics,Aerodynamics,Heat Transfer)

If I am free I am always on Quora, checking out questions on math, or whatever it is that interests me. Always getting a lot of requests for problem solving.

Any feedback or correction on my solutions are welcome.

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