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199 votes

Why don't electrons crash into the nuclei they "orbit"?

148 votes

When I walk down the stairs where does my potential energy go?

96 votes

Why are there only four fundamental interactions of nature?

94 votes

Why must a physical theory be mathematically self-consistent?

87 votes

Did the Big Bang happen at a point?

80 votes

Cooling a cup of coffee with help of a spoon

80 votes

Red shifted to what?

77 votes

Cause for spikes in Trinity nuclear bomb test

76 votes

In nuclear bomb explosions, witness describe their hands becoming transparent. How does that happen?

69 votes

What exactly is a photon?

64 votes

What stops us from creating a nuclear fusion reactor as we already have the hydrogen bomb working on the same principle of fusion?

61 votes

Why is it said that without quantum mechanics we would not have modern computers?

58 votes

Why do electrons absorb and re-emit photons?

52 votes

Is it wrong to say that an electron can be a wave?

52 votes

What is this shadow being cast upon?

52 votes

Why does a mirror reflect visible light but not gamma rays?

48 votes

Do we know why there is a speed limit in our universe?

47 votes

What is the evidence for a supermassive black hole at the center of Milky Way?

45 votes

Why do electrons, according to my textbook, exist forever?

45 votes

Can a magnet rip protons from a nucleus?

44 votes

Do virtual particles actually physically exist?

43 votes

What actually is white light?

42 votes

What is the evidence for 'billions of neutrinos pass through your body every second'?

40 votes

Does Gravity Really Exist?

40 votes

If the moon had a mirror surface, would the earth be equally illuminated as by the sun during full moon, or would it require a different mirror shape?

40 votes

Why are protons, rather than electrons, the nucleus in atoms?

39 votes

If spacetime itself is expanding, how could we ever tell?

38 votes

Why can't an electron be observed?

38 votes

Why is Anti-helium so important in the search for dark matter?

36 votes

Why does matter exist in 3 states (liquids, solid, gas)?

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