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A neutron is made of 3 quarks, two up quarks and one down. The process you are talking about is called beta decay. It is a weak nuclear interaction the can be summarized like this: $$(u+d+u) \rightarrow (u+d+d) + e^- + \bar{\nu}$$ One of the up quarks ($u$) decays producing a down quark ($d$), an electron ($e^-$), and an anti-neutrino ($\bar\nu$). The ...


A nuclear decay is not something that already exists being pulled out of a particle. It is the creation of new particles. As long as the transition respects all of the conservation laws there is a probability of it happening.


Your question is founded on misunderstandings. The theory of what goes on inside the nucleus is neither simple nor intuitive. "Meson" is simply a name for any particle that is a bound state of a quark and an anti-quark, just like "baryon" is a name for a bound state (like a proton or a neutron) of three (anti-)quarks. It does not denote a particular ...

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