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Why does the pet's water bowl overflow?

A guess. Perhaps there are multiple modes present. It takes a while for them to have an interference maximum at the edge of the bowl.
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Why does the pet's water bowl overflow?

If the mat is thick and soft enough to be compliant, then it will couple with the moving mass of the dish and water and allow the dish to tip back and forth, causing the spillage. This can be directly ...
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Why does the pet's water bowl overflow?

The two horizontal sloshing modes could have slightly different frequencies (e.g. if the rotational symmetry is not perfect). If you then start with the combination of both, but out of phase, which is ...
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What is the mathematical support for the formula $f_n = n f_1$, used to calculate the frequency of a standing wave?

Let's start with a quick answer: the boundary conditions fix the frequencies of the harmonics. It's worth emphasizing that boundary conditions come from physics, not mathematics. Below, I'll consider ...
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