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GR and Riemann Surfaces -- does the complex plane have anything to do with it?

This question seems mainly spurred by a conflation of a Riemann surface (which is a 1-dimensional complex manifold), and a (pseudo)Riemannian manifold (which is the underlying geometry of GR).
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What does the phrase "$s$-wave resonance" mean?

When two nuclei collide many things can happen if the energy of the projectile is high. The projectile can collide with the target at various distance from its center. This corressponds to various ...
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Why is the state of a quantum system called "Density $\textbf{Operator}$"?

Respectfully, this is actually a deeper question than it may seem at first. From a purely mathematical standpoint, the answer is pretty trivial: we call the density operator an "operator" ...
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What does "DC" mean in gravitational physics?

In this specific context, DC means as other people pointed out "Direct Current." This jargon refers to the $f = 0$ component of a Fourier transform. If you look at the definition of FT $$\...
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What does "DC" mean in gravitational physics?

What does "DC" mean... "DC" means "Direct Current." It is often used in contrast to "AC," which means "Alternating Current." Alternating current ...
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How can I call a transformation where only the $z$-axis is modified by a function in each point?

In general, a map is conformal if the Jacobian is some positive scalar times an orthonormal matrix, so that it locally preserves angles between curves. Your suggested map is $$\begin{pmatrix} x' \\ y'\...
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