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"Fourier Transformation" of angle spinors to twistor variables

In order to set up the correct Fourier transform, we can start from the usual one: $$ f(x) = \int d^4p ~e^{ip\cdot x} f(p) $$ The first thing we need to do is write things in terms of spinors using $$...
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Prepotential in 5d $\mathcal{N}=1$ with higher-derivative correction

The correction $S_{ARR}$ gives rise to a modified special geometry constraint $$\mathcal{F}=1-\frac{C_I}{72}\left(D Y^I+ F^{I\,\mu\nu}v_{\mu\nu}\right),$$ where $D$ and $v_{\mu\nu}$ are auxiliary ...
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