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Asymptotic form of wavefunctions in case of $k$ one-dimensional asymptotic regions

The system they are describing is a mathematical abstraction where you have $k$ different channels in one dimension along which a plane wave can arrive to the system, and thus also $k$ channels along ...
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How do we know superposition exists?

We observe quantum superposition the same way we observe most things: by gathering evidence of it. The evidence is always indirect. That should not bother you. The evidence you have of almost ...
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How do we know superposition exists?

How do we know superposition exists? If there's no superposition,- How do we get interference pattern on the screen in the double-slit experiment ? You bump a pair of stones into the water and you ...
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How do we know superposition exists?

Your question is an excellent one, though I am late to the party by 10 years, maybe you have a chance to read it. Let's first look at classical mechanics. It was widely successful because it made ...
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A simple question in quanum mechanics on position and momenum eigenstates

First of all $\phi(x,t) = \sin(kx - \omega t)$ is not a momentum eigenstate. Its a super position of of $\exp(i(kx - \omega t))$ and $\exp(-i(kx - \omega t))$, which are momentum eigenstates for $+k$ ...
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