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Self-similarity of the diffusion equation

You are describing the Wiener process. Your notation is a bit confusing, since $W$ is usually what you call $x$. Yes, your system is self similar, but if you rescale time, you also need to rescale ...
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Why the transition probability in the master equation approach just the rate$*dt$ for a simple birth process?

Transition rates are defined as the following limit $$W(n\to n+\Delta n)=\lim_{\Delta t \to 0 } \frac{P\,(n+\Delta n,t+\Delta t|n,t)}{\Delta t}.$$ Where $P(n',t'|n,t)$ is the probability to find the ...
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Mathematical description of random noise

It depends on the phenomenon. In engineering it depends on a specific device that generates noise. What you described is a additive noise which is added to a signal, the second one is more like ...
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