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Work done by electric force on spring mass system

The issue is that the integral definition is needed otherwise you'll always get a wrong result. The definition of work done by a specific force is $$W=\int_{\gamma_{A,B}}\vec{F}\cdot d\vec{s}$$ where ...
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Is there any effect of gravity in a vertical nonlinear spring?

I dont understand how gravity would different on a non-linear spring.Doesnt gravity exist without the existence of the non-linear spring?.But some very interesting effects may take place for example ...
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Is there any effect of gravity in a vertical nonlinear spring?

In the case of a vertical nonlinear spring, the effect of gravity can indeed influence the behavior of the spring and the motion of an object attached to it. Unlike a linear spring, where the ...
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Difficulty in deciding when to apply work-energy theorem

If the body is just about to move, then the net force on body(b) is zero, we just need a little push. Also all the initial kinetic energy of body(a) will be used, since body(b) in the end is very ...
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How far does a trampoline vertically deform based on the mass of the object?

To answer your edit: A trampoline is HIGHLY non linear. The force to push the next inch down goes up at least quadratically with displacement. Edit: Some playing with Desmos says that a cubic fits ...
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