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Why does force decrease with increase in velocity in case power was constant?

how is force the same according to the previous equation while the P=FV equation says otherwise? You need to be careful about just throwing equations around. You are confusing two completely separate ...
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Why does force decrease with increase in velocity in case power was constant?

Engines don't create force (or torque) all by themselves. There must be a load against it. Just like you can push several pounds of force against a wall, but you cannot develop pounds of force in ...
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Reality of speed and time

the rate at which time passes is the same in both cars. the total duration of time spent traveling is twice as long for the slower car.
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Why is the speed of sound wave in a gas always lesser than the r.m.s. speed at the same temperature?

At a microscopic level a sound wave is a local disturbance propagated in a gas medium by particle collisions. Thus, you cannot really expect to have this disturbance propagate faster than the average ...
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What are the exact conditions for the constancy of the speed of a wave?

The behavior depends on both the medium and the type of wave. In general, the speed of the wave (c) depnds on the frequency of the wave. The relationship between speed and frequency (or frequency and ...
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In circular motion is acceleration vector and $\frac{dv}{dt}$ the same?

If $v$ is a simple number (no direction associated), then no, $\text{d}v/\text{d}t$ is not necessarily equal to $a$. In circular motion, it is often the case that $\text{d}{v}/\text{d}t=0$, but $a$ ...
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