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If you can plot the function with the delta(ν) , you can use it to generate random delta(ν) to fit the function. I suppose that you know what erfc(ν) is?


The Hamiltonian for the He atom is: $$H = -\frac{\hbar^2}{2m_e}(\nabla_1^2 + \nabla_2^2) - \frac{2e^2}{4\pi\epsilon_0 r_1} - \frac{2e^2}{4\pi\epsilon_0 r_2} + \frac{e^2}{4\pi\epsilon_0 r_{12}}$$ where the electrons are denoted 1 and 2, and $r_i$ is the distance to the nucleus at the origin and $r_{12}$ the distance between the electrons. Since the ...


A numerical solution to the problem $\nabla ^2 T=0$ with boundary conditions $T=T1=200C$ at the upper boundary and $T=T2=40C$ at the boundary of the hole is shown in Figure 1 on the left, and the heat flux at the upper boundary $\dot {q}=-\vec {n}.\lambda \nabla T$ at $\lambda = 1$ on the right. To find the thermal resistance, we calculate the integral $$\...

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