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How will change mass of fuel in rocket, if payload is doubled

This can be calculated with Ziolkovskys rocket equation: $\Delta v = v_g * \ln{\frac{m_0}{m}}$. Since $\Delta v$ and $v_g$ is equal for both rockets, you can create an equation like this: $$\ln{\frac{...
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Earth to Low Earth Orbit (LEO), gravity drag and potential energy

I suspect what is missing is the free velocity gained by launching in the same direction as the rotation of the Earth. The closer you are to the Equator, the more "free velocity" you can get ...
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Can a rocket be taken to the edge of space with balloons so it can fly from there?

Getting to orbit is not really a matter of height. It's a matter of speed. You need extremely high sideways velocity (10,000+ mph) to achieve orbit without simply falling back to the ground. The ...
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How long would it take me to travel to a distant star?

You can travel to a distant star very quickly by going extremely close to the speed of light... When you do that, the amount of time that you will experience is going to be very low because of time ...
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