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Doubleslit (single slit and a mirror)

Provided that the path length between the two rays does not exceed the coherence length of the light you will see an interference pattern just as if you were using two slits. This is after all just a ...
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Help with sourcing a specific type of integrating sphere

Our integrating sphere of our Perkin Elmer UV-Vis 950 have this functionality where the spectral reflection could be eliminated from the measurements. I am however not sure if these spheres could be ...
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Doubleslit (single slit and a mirror)

In principle what better way to produce a coherent sources by having one real source and a mirror image(s) of the real source. Both sources "emit" waves of the same frequency and provided ...
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Is the specularity of a material a fraction of its total reflectance?

Not necessarily. Assume I have light incident on a very good mirror, then depending on the spectrum of light, polarization, angle of incidence, some of the light might be absorbed. So, the total ...
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