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Quantum collapse: our invention?

All of mathematics is a human invention. Abstract mathematical objects only exist in human minds. But they are what we use to model physics. They are not as sharp a tool as we would like, but that's ...
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Is Schrodinger's cat a problem of how we define identity?

Early versions of quantum theory (called the "Copenhagen Interpretation") contained a (subjectively) weird thing called the "Heisenberg cut" the idea of the Heisenberg cut is (...
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Is Schrodinger's cat a problem of how we define identity?

The idea that the property of being alive is emergent doesn't mean it is an illusion. There is a real objective difference between a cat being alive and a cat being dead. A living cat breathes in ...
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Bohmian mechanics, Leggett inequality, realism and nonlocality

There are several things to consider in the debate between realistic vs. indeterministic and Bohmian mechanics vs. no-go theorems (which includes the Leggett inequality). First of all, Bohmian ...
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