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Double-slit experiment: How do we know the particle effect comes from the nature of light rather than its interaction with the detector?

If this hypothesis was true, we should see that quanta would be deposited on the detector at the same average rate they were removed from the source, but there would be no correlation between the ...
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Whats the difference between the Photon Sphere and the Marginally bound orbit?

For a circular orbit around a large mass of mass $M$ under Schwarzschild geometry the energy of the the body of mass $m$ in circular orbit may be written as: $$E=mc^2\frac{1-2 \frac{GM}{rc^2}}{\sqrt{1-...
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Does this explanation of wave-particle duality correspond with any existing formal explanation?

You can observe a water wave using light, but there is no analogous way to observe an electromagnetic wave. To observe an EM wave you must take energy out of it, so observing it does indeed affect it. ...
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Splitting single photons

There is no way to split a photon. Between its emission from a subatomic particle and its absorption - also by a particle - it is an energetic quantum in which a magnetic field and an electric field ...
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If we have a beam of photons and a beam of protons with the same energy, which one will get further inside the human body?

I suppose that the photon beam you say is the high-energy $\gamma$-ray produced during nuclear decay, it is ture to say that the photon beam usually travels further. However, the penetrates depth of ...
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What's a safe, easily executable experiment to confirm that quantization of light occurs directly to the retina?

As far as I know (and I am not a biologist), a retinal cell can respond to a single photon, but the back end circuits need 5-9 photons to arrive within 100 ms to trigger a neural response. ...
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Does a photon in vacuum have a rest frame?

I am going to approach the matter otherwise. I do not dispute the arguments made in answers in [1] or answers in [2]. However, based on my learning style, these arguments do not work for me. This is ...
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