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The problem is what mechanism can you use to produce X-Rays with solids... atomic or molecular, band transition, whatever you use in solids do not enter the X-Ray regime when it comes to produce high energy photons. Moreover, as Bragg showed, solids are more like a diffraction grating for X-Rays, since the separation of atoms in crystals are of the order of ...


I'd like to challenge your idea that the fact that a mix of red and blue gives something resembling violet implies that violet must be between red and blue. In practice, what you get from such mixture is a shade of purple. See the figure below. Here the black dashed line from blue to red covers the colors you can get by changing the amount of red and blue ...


Your ray diagram needs to be re-done. For example, you have two different points labeled as P. And, ray SV is not drawn in the right direction. If you draw the diagram correctly, your question will answer itself. Begin by drawing just one ray from the top of the object (the left P in your diagram), parallel to the axis until it hits the mirror, and then ...


We don't consider these rays for simplicity.As the rays parallel to the axis coverge at the focus and the rays going through the focus become parallel.Ultimately all the rays from a point object will converge at a point to make an image.The other rays are not considered for simplicity as we don't know exactly where they will go.Hope it helps

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