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Continued calibration of atomic clocks

Modern metrology supports the issues you address by having multiple time systems, each with their own peculiarities. Any activity that needs a clock to measure time chooses a time system which meets ...
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Continued calibration of atomic clocks

My question is how is are the world's atomic clocks continually calibrated to compenstate for the vargaries of the Earth's rotation and orbit around the sun? They aren't. The atomic timescale is ...
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Measuring low frequency sound waves (infrasound?) coming from a neighbor

I believe as I too have been living this nightmare for over year. the worse part are the know-it-alls who come to our posts to render us crazy. I am a sane good person who is an empath but every time ...
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Is this a valid experiment to measure the one-way speed of light?

Your definition of index of refraction has built into it an assumption that the speed of light is the same on both paths, $\mu = c/v$, where $c$ as usual is the speed of light in the vacuum. That ...
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Determine thermal emissivity of material

Some IR thermometric probes have an adjustment for the emissivity of the surface you want to measure the temperature of. What you do then is heat that surface to a known temperature (measured by some ...
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