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How can Electricity travel at the speed of light?

Electricity does not move at the speed of light. In a conductor the individual electron drift velocity is often surprisingly low, while the signals and energy are transmitted far faster. ...
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Energy gained by a black hole

John Duffield is talking about dropping an electron into a black hole. i.e. You start it from rest and the only energy it has is its rest mass energy when it is far from the black hole. In this case, ...
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Nuclear binding energy and gravitation

In addition to the answer from Rob, for your first question: The source of curvature (with curvature creating the effect of gravitational attraction) is the stress-energy tensor. This tensor not only ...
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Nuclear binding energy and gravitation

Precision gravimetry experiments tend to have uncertainties of $10^{-4}$ in the best cases (though a few experiments have done better). A binding energy of a few MeV, compared to a mass of tens of GeV,...
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If mass can be converted to energy then how is it said that energy can't be created?

isn't it the conversion of gravitational energy stored with mass to other forms, so energy is conserved. (I'm not a physicist just studied physics till grade 12)
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