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Magnets in 2 Spatial Dimensions?

The 2+1 dimensional Maxwell equations are like the 3+1 dimensional Maxwell equations but with $B_x, B_y, E_z$ and all $z$ derivatives set to zero. There is only one component of magnetic field that we ...
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Time for ferromagnet to align with magnetic field

Well, a bunch of factors come into play. First, you've got the material itself. Different ferromagnetic materials have different properties that affect how quickly their magnetic moments can rearrange ...
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Why the Sun does not shoot relativistic jets?

Actually, the Sun is able to eject relativistic particles (https://doi.org/10.1051/0004-6361/202243903, open access): The Sun accelerates electrons, protons, and ions to suprathermal energies in a ...
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How do you express the electric and magnetic field of a TEM uniform plane wave due to a magnetic current density?

If you're talking about the fields generated by a current of magnetic charges, the electric-magnetic duality relation is of use. It says that any solution of Maxwell's equations in vacuum may be ...
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Understanding sources (charge and current densities) in Jefimenko Equations

In Ignatowski's equations the $\rho(\mathbf r' , t')$ and the $\mathbf J(\mathbf r' , t')$ are the charges and currents that at time $t$ and position $\mathbf r' $ induce the fields at position $\...
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Why/how is this crumpled wad of aluminum foil exhibiting strong magnetic repulsion against everything?

Nice video! Hypothesis: The crumpled foil is simply settling toward a position where its center of gravity is lowest, as all things tend to do in a gravity field. The ball looks “lively,” which ...
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