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Field redefinitions in the Higgs mechanism

It is ok to have field redefinitions that involve multiple fields. Ie, something like $A^i(x)\rightarrow f^j (A^i(x))$ (where $i,j=1, \cdots, N$ and $N$ is the number of fields) can be a valid field ...
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Higgs mechanism and mass gap in the Standard Model - asking for some clarification

Here is a partial answer. There may be some deeper aspects that I don't fully understand yet. The Higgs mechanism and the YM mass gap problem are associated with two different mechanisms in QFT. The ...
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Significance of the phase of the condensate as compared to that of the regular Fermi sea in the Anderson-Higgs mechanism

The word "coherence" in "coherence length" and in "quantum coherence" are being used in different senses. In a superconductor the "coherence length" is roughly ...
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Superconducting ground-state and Higgs mechanism

Is the ground state degenerate in a superconductor or not? No, it is not. As your first linked article explains, configurations of the order parameter which differ by a global phase factor can be ...
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$W$ and $B$ bosons when choosing a different minimum of the Higgs doublet

All vacua of this potential are equivalent. You couldn't tell the difference. The generators of the su(2) algebra can be SU(2)-rotated into an su(2) algebra equivalent to your original one. You may ...
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