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How does gravity overpower a vacuum?

I think you are making a common error when thinking about vacuums. We tend to intuitively to think about vacuums as 'pulling' but that's not really the right way to think about it and while it seems ...
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How does gravity overpower a vacuum?

This question may stem from the misconception that vacuums suck. They don't, it is an illusion. It is actually the air that expands into the vacuum, not and empty void attracting gas molecules like a ...
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How does gravity overpower a vacuum?

In addition, there is no point in the atmosphere where there is sudden "pressure to vacuum", like your question suggests. Pressure is the highest at sea level, and drops as we move higher, ...
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How does gravity overpower a vacuum?

The escape velocity of the Earth is 11.2 km/s. In other words, you need to move faster than 11.2 km/s to leave the Earth permanently. The Earth's gravity is strong enough to attract everything moving ...
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Why can photon be treated like gas?

So, usually, any group of particles which have very weak interaction between them can be compared to an ideal gas. If the interaction is slightly more, then it is compared to a liquid and if the inter ...
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Why can photon be treated like gas?

Symmetries, said the space must be homogenous and isotropic, on large scales determine the form of their energy-momentum tensors. By Cosmos principle, $T_{00}$, $T_{0i}$ and $T_{ij}$ are maximally ...
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How does ionization of gas molecule affect the translational kinetic energy of the molecule?

@naturallyinconsistent provided the answer in his comments. I'm going to try to flesh that out here. But totally open to either @naturallyinconsistent, or someone else, providing a more complete/...
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A simple way to make liquid oxygen at home

If you're freezer won't get the bottle cold enough, try and put the bottle or whatever container you are using inside a bigger container, fill it with ice and rock salt. That will lower the ...
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How do I create a highly conductive vapor cloud?

Atoms of metallic materials like mercury in a vapor are not a metal. A metal is a material where electrons are not bound to individual atoms. Rather they spread out and move freely in the material. As ...
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