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Bound states between neutrinos using Schrödinger's equation?

A quick back-of-the envelope estimate, in the style of Fermi: For a neutrino mass of m ~ 1 eV, and a Planck mass M ~ $10^{27}$ eV, and supplanting the newtonian potential $(m/M)^2/r$ for the Coulomb ...
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Does life erode Earth's mass over time?

Remember that nearly all of life's energy ultimately comes from the sun. Life uses energy that is received from the sun, "mixes" it with matter from the earth, and eventually that energy ...
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Does life erode Earth's mass over time?

Good question! No, life does not reduce the mass of Earth. Life is cycling elements such as C, O, N and H. It is fuelled nearly completely by solar energy. This is converted to heat, which at the end ...
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How many photons pass through us every second?

Say we have a beam of ordinary electromagnetic waves, with power $P$. Then the energy passing a plane, each second, is $P$. If it is monochromatic with frequency $\nu$ then the number of photons per ...
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Boat floatation load

Based on the displaced volume of water you gave, the buoyancy in pound-force (weight of the volume of water displaced) is about 400 lbf. That is obviously insufficient to float the boat in the picture....
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