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Geometrical and wave physical effects

Geometrical Optics is what can be built on the assumptions that light travels through a homogeneous medium in a straight line, and that light bends at the interface between media in accordance with ...
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How does Planck's Constant solve the ultraviolet catastrophe?

The idea behind the Planck constant is that the energy $E$ carried away by radiation is quantized. Mathematically, the relation is $$E = h \nu$$ where h is Planck's constant, and $\nu$ is the ...
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Confusion about energy transport in a circuit

The wave "knows" where the bulb is because the EM field is directed by the wires to the bulb: The H-field surrounds the wire, while the E-field is between the wires. Experimentally, there is ...
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When exactly does a change in $E$ or $B$ result in an electromagnetic wave?

There are two separate issues here: what kind of electromagnetic fields constitute "waves" or "radiation"? how does the field of an inertially moving point charge arise, and why ...
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