This tag is for questions regarding to electromagnetic induction, a process in which a conductor is put in a particular position and magnetic field keeps varying or magnetic field is stationary and a conductor is moving. Electromagnetic Induction was first discovered way back in the 1830’s by Michael Faraday.

Electromagnetic Induction is a current produced because of voltage production (electromotive force) due to a changing magnetic field.
Mathematically, the induced voltage can be given by the following relation:$$e = N × \dfrac{dΦ}{dt}$$Where,

  • $e$ is the induced voltage (in volts)
  • $N$ is the number of turns in the coil
  • $Φ$ is the magnetic flux – the amount of magnetic field at a surface (in Webbers)
  • $t$ is the time (in seconds)

Electromagnetic induction has found many applications, including electrical components such as inductors and transformers, and devices such as electric motors and generators.