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What's the difference between elastic energy and entropic elasticity?

We know that all things occur to maximize entropy. (In other words, the Second Law tells us that we more often see outcomes that are more likely to occur—that is, those outcomes with higher entropy). ...
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What is the acceleration experienced by a person walking into a tree or pole?

Well, if someone walks into a pole, their velocity goes from $0.80 m/s$ to $0 m/s$ in a very small time interval, so acceleration would be infinite, since time approaches zero. With the work-energy ...
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Elongation of rod in two cases

Assuming Hooke's law holds in every case, what you said about case 1 is right. Assuming there is no friction, When only 1 force is applied to 1 end of the rod in case 2. Here the rod must be ...
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What's the difference between constitutive laws and equation of state?

I will answer this question the context of relativistic hydrodynamics (RH). While in the non-relativistic case, we use the "Navier-Stokes + continuity" equations to describe the dynamics of $...
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Why is the number of independent elements of a stiffness tensor 21?

This will depend upon your constitutive equation. Under generalized hooks law you begin with a total of 81 constants. If the strain energy function has the commutative property this reduces to 45 ...
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