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How can I formalize better this proof that angular momentum is conserved for a small impulse?

You believe that "$ δL$ is an infinitesimal of order higher than $δp$". I am not sure why you believe that, they are of the same order in $δv$. What the text is trying to explain intuitively ...
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What is a diabolical point?

As I understand this, Diabilical points are systems where the degeneracy is only in the eigenvalues and not in the eigenstates. (A system in which both eigenvalues and eigenstates are degenerate is ...
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On complex impedance representation and Riemann surfaces

Since the physical quantity is $Z$, the extra $2\pi n$ does not matter. In fact it is a good sanity check, as any physical quantity you compute must be independent of it, if not, it is due to an error....
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