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WIll bucket weigh more?

If the liquid/bucket exerts a buoyancy force on the object equal to its weight then by Newton's Third Law the object must exert an equal and opposite force on the liquid/bucket.
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WIll bucket weigh more?

The bucket weighs more. The red free-body diagram you draw is representative of the forces directly acting on the neutrally buoyant object, not on all of the forces internal/external to the bucket. ...
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Why is this balloon following me?

The air pressure decreases slightly around a person since all living beings radiate heat. This pushes the balloon towards the person. I have seen many so-called spooky videos of balloons following ...
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In which case do the center of buoyancy center of gravity coincide for a body with uniform density. Would it be completely submerged or just immersed

I'm not sure how you are defining "coincide", but the following applies to the relative locations of the center of gravity (CG) and center of buoyancy (CB). For a body and liquid of uniform ...
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Body submerged in two liquids

It doesn't apply upthrust directly. It does it by adding pressure to the water surface, thereby increasing the upward force that the water exerts at the bottom.
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