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Why do heavy bosons have less range?

What directly affects the ""decay time"" of a virtual boson is not exactly its mass but its energy. Recall that virtual particles are but interpretations of certain terms in the ...
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Superpose two spatially separated single-photons into the same spatically mode

In short: In placing a photon from mode $A$ to mode $B$, there is no real "exchange". For an exchange you would also need to bring the other photon from $B$ to $A$. Then, the initial and ...
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Number Operator "Ordering" for Higher Order Bosonic Operators

Hint: You are familiar with $ag(N)= g(N+1) a$ for any function g. Start from $$ a^\dagger f(N) a= f(N-1) N,\\ a g(N) a^\dagger= g(N+1) ~~(N+1). $$ But for $$ a^{\dagger ~n} a^n\equiv f_n(N), \qquad ...
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What's the relationship between wavefunction (anti-)symmetrization and entanglement?

One subtlety here is that entanglement between subsystems can occur when the Hilbert space has a tensor product decomposition $\mathcal{H} = \mathcal{H}_1 \otimes \mathcal{H}_2$. But for a boson (and ...
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