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A proposal for the holographic dual of QCD is given by the so-called Witten-Sakai-Sugimoto model $[1,2,3]$. The Witten background is a solution of a consistent truncation of Type IIA supergravity (where only the metric, the dilaton and $F_{(4)}$ are switched on) and it corresponds to $N_c$ D4-branes wrapped around $S^1$. Intuitively this $S^1$ gives an IR ...


The user MannyC has given an excellent answer addressing the baryon construction. I would like to add some comments mostly to spark some discussion and for completeness. Hopefully, the comments are interesting. In the following, I will also skip many steps, but if you are interested, please feel free to ask or comment. Since we are discussing fundamental ...


You are not getting any responses because this is a topic that is included in all courses implicitly, at all levels of courses. Searching on Google I found this specific for resonances, which of course includes two body resonances, since they are the simpler to write down mathematically: The answer of mine here , may help.

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