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What is the relevant phenomenon behind Undulatus/Radiatus cloud formations?

There are a variety of cloud wave patterns, including radiatus, undulatus, and gravity wave clouds. Their causes are not mysterious, but fluid mechanics is rarely simple. When air rises and falls in ...
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Why we typically see no deeper into an atmosphere for an optical depth of 1?

When the authors say $\tau\approx 1$ they are giving a order of magnitude estimate i.e. $\tau$ is nearer to $1$ than it is to $10$ or $0.1$. On a log scale this would mean $\tau \lt \sqrt{10}$ and ...
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Has a heavier atmosphere and the relocation of oil around the Earth had a measurable effect on the rotation of the Earth?

The effect is minuscule, because: Oil and gas and coal do not come from "the center of the Earth", they come from relatively close to the surface. The deepest oil wells in existence are &...
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