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How do we know when the earth completes an orbit?

In a simplified two-body orbit, both objects orbit their common barycentre with the same orbital period. The orbital period can be estimated as (i) the time between two closest approaches (since in ...
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Does NFW profile work for any galaxy?

The NFW profile doesn't work for all galaxies, and it doesn't work for the Milky Way either. The NFW profile is a pretty good fit to the structures of simulated dark-matter-only systems. In practice, ...
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How do we know when the earth completes an orbit?

The solar rotation is (mostly) irrelevant to the Earth's orbital period. (Incidentally, the Sun doesn't rotate like a solid body. Different latitudes rotate at different periods. See Solar rotation). ...
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Bolzmann Distribution question

For ease of use, I will be using the modern and standardised notation and terminology, that astronomy is also supposed to be using. Maybe the book you are using is just that old, but you should switch ...
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