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Energy is the conserved quantity associated to time-translation invariance and represents the work a system is capable of doing. Use this tag for questions about energy, and consider adding [tag:energy-conservation] if it is specifically about its conservation.

In the continum such states with a definite energy are physically difficult to realise. They are termed improper wave functions and are not normalized in the usual sense to unity since the wavefunction is not localized. …
answered Sep 16 '17 by SAKhan
In case of tomato falling down, kinetic energy is gained both by the tomato and the earth. However since $E_K = \dfrac{\mathtt{P^2}}{2M}$ (Same $\mathtt{P}$ for both) the heavy mass of earth shows … very small change of kinetic energy. The kinetic energy of the system would therefore include both, the earth and the tomato. The $E_K$ of earth is neglected and therefore we speak of $E_K$ of tomato. …
answered Jan 28 '15 by SAKhan
The BE per nucleon is higher in the region of mass number where you have the two fission fragments as compared to the region of mass number 236. Therefore you get the answer. Higher BE lower rest mass …
answered Apr 27 '17 by SAKhan
The del operator is not taken care of properly.Try again using a proper del.
answered Feb 2 '15 by SAKhan
Amlitude enters when the wave theory of light is considerd. For instance light of greater amplitude would have many of these photons.
answered Jun 12 '18 by SAKhan
This acquires all the more importance in thermodynamics. Here work done by the system is taken as positive. So that the first law becomes, Internal energy change $=$ heat absorbed $-$ work done by … the system Work done on the system for instance in an adiabatic process $(Heat\space transfer =0)$ would therefore increase the internal energy of the system. In Mechanics on the other hand, there is a work-energy theorem. Net work done on the system increases the $KE$. …
answered Sep 12 '17 by SAKhan
If you use the expression you mention you are implying a classical treatment. Use the expression you mention. You should be able to the wavelength larger than the separation implying a quantum mechani …
answered Sep 2 '16 by SAKhan
It all depends on where you have set your coordinate system. If it is on the earths surface then yes but if you set it say on the sun then no.
answered Feb 20 '15 by SAKhan
As long as the temperature of an ideal gas does not change its internal energy will remain the same. Change in volume without changing the temperature as in an isothermal process will not bring about … any change in the internal energy of the gas. However a change in temperature of the gas by any means would result in change in internal energy of the gas as given by the first term on the right of your expression for energy change. …
answered Dec 9 '14 by SAKhan