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Earth is the planet on which we live, the 3rd planet from the Sun. Questions using this tag should be about Earth the planet and not Earth-like planets nor earth, as in dirt or soil.

that air. Where would it go if not back to earth? Since we're talking about science fiction, I propose the following technology to make it work. Suppose you could open a portal of some sort. You … could say, simply open a portal on earth and another on mars and transport all the air. The atmosphere from the earth would be sucked out due to the vaccuum and spit out on mars. Of course portals …
answered May 10 '16 by Neil
Please take a look at this link Hole through the earth. It seems that the physics of passing through the earth would not be as it was implied by Total Recall in which gravity switches suddenly … . What does this mean? Well as you would approach the center of the earth, the gravitational pull would fade linearly. At half the distance to the center, the gravitational pull would be halved. At …
answered Feb 18 '14 by Neil