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Gravity is an attractive force that affects and is effected by all mass and - in general relativity - energy, pressure and stress. Prefer newtonian-gravity or general-relativity if sensible.

check out this page on Planck units or this page on the gravitational coupling constant or this article from Frank Wilczek to see what exactly is meant by "gravity is the weakest force". quoting … Wilczek: We see that the question [posed] is not, "Why is gravity so feeble?" but rather, "Why is the proton's mass so small?" For in natural (Planck) units, the strength of gravity simply is what it …
answered Aug 21 '16 by robert bristow-johnson
But, one of the possible explanations of why gravity is so weak compared to other forces is that it exerts its strength in other dimensions, which are too small for us to detect them. why do you … say that "gravity is so weak"? if you say that because the repulsive force due to EM between two protons greatly exceeds the attractive force due to gravity, the reason for that is because the …
answered Jul 29 '16 by robert bristow-johnson
in my opinion, the concept of Planck Units sorta settles what "constants" might meaningfully vary from those that it doesn't matter because we wouldn't know the difference. express everything in term …
answered Sep 13 '15 by robert bristow-johnson
what causes the star to collapse is pressure. what causes the pressure is gravity, but even though the strength of the gravitational field in the center of the star is zero, the pressure at the center of a star sure-as-hell ain't zero. …
answered Feb 3 '14 by robert bristow-johnson